Our Mission

The mission of the West Virginia Association of Free Clinics, Inc. is to serve as an advocate for member clinics and for the populations they serve. The WVAFC strives to be the driving force for a just, accessible and quality health care system statewide.

Free Clinic Definition

A Free Clinic is an organization whose primary mission is to provide health care at no charge to individuals with limited resources. It has an independent governing body and is a 501(c)(3), or has applied for 501(c)(3) status. It has a varied base of community support, which should include, but not be limited to, individuals, businesses, churches, foundations and government. It is committed to minimizing barriers to health care, providing quality care, and reporting uniform data to the Association as requested. A free Clinic will be staffed primarily or exclusively by professional and non-professional volunteers.

West Virginia Free Clinics' Role

West Virginia's Free Clinics are an essential component of the state's health care system, providing quality comprehensive health care to the state's uninsured working poor families. Through strong state financial support and the efficient use of donated supplies and money, the state’s 10 free clinics, and its 2,079 recruited volunteers were responsible for the following activities in fiscal year 2009:

  • Treatment of 54,925 patients
  • Oversight of 229,844 patient visits
  • Filling of 476,930 prescriptions (valued at $60,706,198)
  • Receipt of $104,745,000 worth of volunteer hours and inkind contributions

These figures are a true testament to the dedication and commitment these clinics have for their local communities and the people they serve.


The state's 10 free clinics and their approximately 2100 volunteers, handled 54,925 patients during 229,844 patient visits and filled 496,930 prescriptions in fiscal year 2008-2009.

Today, 248,000 non-elderly West Virginians are uninsured -- this represents 17% of West Virginia's population.

Most uninsured West Virginians (nearly 200,000) are in working families.

A National Institutes of Health study of a West Virginia free clinic documented a reduction in ER use by 63.8% and reduced in-patient hospitalization by 41.7%.

WVAFC at a Glace

West Virginia Association of Free Clinics
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Phone: 304-414-5941
Linda West, Executive Director