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West Virginia's Free Clinics receive $250,000 Claude Worthington Benedum Grant

Providing access to quality health care for all West Virginians is a major challenge facing the State of West Virginia.

The West Virginia Association of Free Clinics (WVAFC) works to strengthen and support that access through a network of 10 Free Clinics throughout West Virginia. Recognizing the important work of WVAFC and West Virginia's Free Clinics, Beverly Railey Walter, Vice President for Programs of the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation recently announced a grant totaling $250,000.

According to the West Virginia Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, Diabetes has reached nationwide epidemic proportions with West Virginia ranking in the top 5 for Behavioral Risk Factors for the disease. The support from this grant will assist Free Clinics to proactively enroll diabetic patients across the State in a controlled management program to decrease hemoglobin A1C and blood sugar levels through medication and education programs.

Tamara Tolliver, WVAFC Executive Director, stated that "Free Clinics operate on the belief that an inability to pay should not prevent people from receiving quality health care. Claude Worthington Benedum's generous support of our work allows Free Clinics to be responsive and to customize their services to address the diabetic issues in their communities. This strong endorsement and ongoing partnership is invaluable to the success of West Virginia's Free Clinics."

A Free Clinic is a private, nonprofit, community-based or faith-based organization that provides compassionate, quality health care at little or no cost to low-income, uninsured people through heavy use of volunteer health professionals and partnerships with other health organizations. No two Free Clinics in West Virginia are alike - because these clinics are custom-designed by the communities they serve, each is unique in its structure, resources, and services. A common element to each Free Clinic is its powerful volunteer base: 2,079 West Virginians - health care practitioners and others - volunteer in Free Clinics. Free Clinics are an integral part of the health care safety net for uninsured West Virginians.

The WVAFC was founded in 2001 and its mission is to serve as an advocate for member clinics and for the populations they serve. More information about the WVAFC and West Virginia Free Clinics is available by calling (304) 414-5912.


Uninsured people include children, young adults, middle-aged adults and people nearing or at retirement.

Smaller employers are less likely to offer health insurance to their employees because premiums are prohibitively expensive.

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