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Tess and her husband Jim came to West Virginia Health Right after Jim had been hospitalized for seven weeks. Jim had been self-employed and was a carpenter by vocation. However, health insurance was not affordable for his family of five. When Jim had congestive heart failure, he just kept working, thinking his labored breathing would go away. Then one night, Tess had to call an ambulance. Soon Jim's medical bills totaled over $100,000.

The damage to Jim's heart was significant; he would be unable to work again but he had no means of paying for his lengthy hospital stay and treatment or for the medications necessary to keep him alive. West Virginia Health Right helped Jim apply for temporary Medicaid to cover his old hospital bills and medical expenses; but the card expired within a month of when he received it. Health Right stepped in again, providing cardiology services, medications, health education and other support to help the family through a stressful time. Tess said, "Health Right saved my husband's life more than once. The doctors who volunteer at the clinic really want to help others...and they do!"


Uninsured people include children, young adults, middle-aged adults and people nearing or at retirement.

Smaller employers are less likely to offer health insurance to their employees because premiums are prohibitively expensive.

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