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Why Support West Virginia's Free Clinics?

Profile of West Virginia's Free Clinics FY '11


  • Deliver $30 in health care to uninsured West Virginians for every dollar appropriated
  • Generate $125,000,000 in health care services & serve the poorest of patients at NO charge - 233,000 non-elderly West Virginians are uninsured
  • Provide comprehensive health care, specialty care, dental care, lab and diagnostic tests & health education
  • Care for 60,600 West Virginians who are projected to receive services through 280,000 office visits during FY '11
  • Fill 695,000 life-sustaining prescriptions at no cost to our patients, projected in FY '11 to be valued at more than $78.4 M (based upon Average Wholesale Price Index)
  • Rely on the services of more than 2,000 dedicated professionals who routinely volunteer
  • Reduce hospital ER use by 63.8% and in-patient by 41.7% according to a National Institutes of Health study of a WV free clinic, reducing cost-shifting

Supporting free clinics is a smart economic decision. Supporting free clinics helps control health care costs.